the depraved patrons of these sex shops

corrupt, perverted, deviant, degenerate, debased, immoral, unprincipled; debauched, dissolute, licentious, lecherous, prurient, indecent, sordid; wicked, sinful, vile, iniquitous, nefarious; informal warped, twisted, sick
depraved, corrupt, debased, degenerate, perverted, vile
There are many terms to describe the dark side of human nature. Someone who preys on young children would be considered depraved, a term that means totally immoral and implies a warped character or a twisted mind (a depraved man who stole money from his own mother and eventually murdered her). While depraved suggests an absolute condition, degenerate is a relative term that implies deterioration from a mental, moral, or physical standard (her degenerate habits eventually led to her arrest for possession of drugs). Corrupt also suggests a deterioration or loss of soundness, particularly through a destructive or contaminating influence. But unlike depraved, which usually applies to the lower end of the human spectrum, people in high positions are often referred to as corrupt (a corrupt politician from a prominent family). To say that someone or something is debased suggests a lowering in quality, value, dignity, or character (debased by having to spend time in prison). Perverted and vile are the strongest of these words describing lack of moral character. Perverted suggests a distortion of someone or something from what is right, natural, or true; in a moral sense, it means to use one's appetites or natural desires for other ends than those which are considered normal or natural (a perverted individual who never should have been left alone with young children). Most people find criminals who prey on either very old or very young victims to be vile, a more general term for whatever is loathsome, repulsive, or utterly despicable (a vile killer who deserved the maximum sentence).

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